The Swedish Climate Policy Council

The Climate Policy Council is an independent scientific council with the task to assess if the overall policy of the Government is compatible with the climate goals.

Sweden shall have zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045

In June 2017, a broad majority in the Swedish parliament decided on a climate policy framework for Sweden. The framework consists of three parts: long-term goals, a planning and monitoring system, and a climate policy council. Parts of the framework are regulated by a Climate Act, which came into force January 1 2018.

Climate goals

The overarching climate target is to achieve zero net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2045 and hereafter negative emissions. Emissions from Swedish territory are to be at least 85 percent lower 2045 than they were 1990. Based on current populations forecasts for Sweden that corresponds to emissions of less than one tonne per capita. The remaining 15 percent may be covered by carbon sinks or emission reductions abroad.

For emissions not covered by the EU Emission Trading System, (EU ETS ) there are milestone targets:

  • By 2020 emissions are to be 40 percent lower than 1990
  • By 2030 emissions are to be 63 percent lower than 1990
  • By 2040 emissions are to be 75 percent lower than 1990

Similarly, to the 2045 target, parts of the 2030 and 2040 targets can be reached by carbon sinks or by mitigation outside of Swedish territory. At the most, 8 percent of the 2030 target and 2 percent of the 2040 target can be reached by such measures.

  • Emissions from domestic transports are to be reduced by at least 70 percent by 2030, compared to 2010 emission levels.


Panorama is a collaboration tool that visualizes and accelerates Sweden’s climate transition. Panorama gives the user an overview of the present state and what is needed in order to reach the Swedish climate targets. Extern actors will in the future be able to leave their own proposals, which makes Panorama a platform for collaboration.

The tool visualizes the climate emissions that takes within Swedish boarders, how they can be reduced, which policy instruments that exist (for example taxes and regulations) together with information about how the transition is going. Everything is built upon open data. While the emissions and policy instruments are facts the solutions for how the emissions should be reduced and their potential are based on estimations and originates from different reports and studies.

Collaboration is made possible as extern actors can present their own proposals and inputs. An example of an input could be to suggest a policy instrument or show one’s own commitments and activities that contribute to the transition.  The three authorities supporting the tool – The Swedish Climate Policy Council, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish Energy Agency – have created an editorial group that is responsible for keeping the content up to date. The idea of Panorama originates from Vattenfall and ClimateView, the company that has created the software platform behind Panorama. The Fossil Free Sweden initiative supported the project in beginning and many other actors have contributed with their expertise.

Click the link to go to the tool. Panorama works in Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. If the link doesn’t work copy-paste the address into any of the mentioned browsers.

Swedish Climate Policy Council

The terms of reference of the Swedish Climate Policy Council include:

  • Evaluating if the present policy in different policy areas contributes or counteracts the climate goals
  • Reviewing the effects of both existing and planned policies from a broad societal perspective
  • Identify policy areas where additional measures need to be taken if the climate goals are to be achieved

Besides evaluating government policy, we are also tasked with evaluating the analytical methods and models which is the basis for the policy, as well as contributing to the debate regarding climate policy.

The council members

Yearly reports

2019: Swedish Climate Policy Council Report 2019 (in Swedish, summary in English)

2018: Sweden’s Climate Policy Framework (in Swedish, summary in English)


Swedish Climate Policy Council
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Organizational number: 202100-6719

Rapport 2023

Den 29 mars överlämnade Klimatpolitiska rådet sin årliga rapport till regeringen. Rapporten innehåller rådets bedömning av regeringens samlade politik med avseende på klimatmålen samt rekommendationer.

Läs mer och ta del av rapporten