Letter to the government on post-corona pandemic recovery policy


Invest in the continuing climate transition – not a reversion to the status quo. This is the key message of a letter from the Swedish Climate Policy Council to the Swedish Government and its newly formed ministerial working group on a recovery policy after the corona pandemic.

Sweden still lacks a policy strategy for the post-pandemic recovery. As a basis for such a strategy, the Council is presenting four considerations for a recovery policy that can also contribute to the achievement of the climate targets.

Press release: Swedish Climate Policy Council writes to the government June 11 2020 

Read the Swedish Climate Policy Council’s letter to the government 


Yearly report 2021

The 25th of March the Swedish Climate Policy Council presents this year’s report to the Government. This day the Council will present its evaluation and discuss the themes of the report in digital seminars, which are held in Swedish.

See the presentation and read the report