pan·orama [panəˈrɑːmə] noun
1 a view of a wide area
2 tool to visualize the climate transition

Panorama is a collaboration tool that visualizes and accelerates Sweden’s climate transition. Panorama gives the user an overview of the present state and what is needed in order to reach the Swedish climate targets. Extern actors will in the future be able to leave their own proposals, which makes Panorama a platform for collaboration.

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(Click the link to go to the tool. Panorama works in Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Does not work in Internet Explorer. If the link doesn’t work copy-paste the address into any of the mentioned browsers.)

Panorama visualizes the climate emissions that takes within Swedish boarders, how they can be reduced, which policy instruments that exist (for example taxes and regulations) together with information about how the transition is going. While the emissions and policy instruments are statistics and data the solutions for how the emissions should be reduced and their potential are based on estimations and originates from different reports and studies.

Collaboration is made possible as extern actors can present their own proposals of policy instruments or show one’s own commitments that contributes to the transition.

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The three authorities behind the tool – The Swedish Climate Policy Council, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish Energy Agency – have created an editorial group that is responsible for keeping the content up to date.

Feedback on Panorama can be posted within the tool, any other questions are welcome to