Björn Sandén


Vice Chair, Swedish Climate Policy Council

Björn Sandén is Professor of Innovation and Sustainability at Chalmers University of Technology. He researches and teaches about societal transitions, the emergence of new industries, climate and innovation policy and about the risks and opportunities of new technologies. In this work, he develops and applies theories and methods in innovation and transition studies, technology evaluation, life cycle analysis, circular economy and scenario methodology. He has mainly studied different energy, transport and material systems and related industries, both based on questions about what is possible in terms of resources and environmentally desirable and about what is required to drive and control industrial development. Björn is frequently consulted by companies, authorities, politicians and the media, and currently sits on the Swedish Energy Market Inspectorate’s advisory board. He has previously served on the Energy Development Board at the Swedish Energy Agency, on the Swedish Institute’s Transparency Council and on the advisory board for Environmentally Smart Consumption. Internationally, he has contributed as an expert for the IPCC and IEA in reports on energy technology and innovation.